well, went to brunch with my family today. i like my mom’s family a lot. They’re really nice and fun to talk to. anyways, that was cool and all and i think i ate my own weight in food, but then after my mom took me to the fabric store, but i waited in the car.

i was rummaging around through her cds and found this really funny but awesome picture on this cd and it was “the ventures.” i listened to the cd and they were all remakes but instrumentals from the 60’s. but surf music. i thought it would be so cool to do a song like “blue moon” that style…and half punk or whatever. neato.

oh, next issue i thought about with shayna was a new band name. we all know that ‘estrogen’ is already taken by some cheesy techno band (another reason why i hate techno!! grr!), so we have to think of another name. so what we have now is “Astrofemmes” or “Estroblank” or something like that. we’re still brainstorming. i hate techno. also had a practice with haymarket. i wasn’t into it at all, i mean maybe i would have been if i wasn’t being a moron, but i was so everyone else was sad too. and now dave thinks that i’m unreliable because of my parents and doesn’t care if the band goes anywhere or not. hmph.

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