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  1. I do believe in past lives… There are some very interesting books on the subject, suggesting that dreams may be one way a person might remember them. I don’t think I remember any of mine that well, but I do feel pretty sure I was a man in my last life. There’s a book about an woman who remembers quite clearly this past life in Ireland and she actually goes and finds her children in Ireland, who are now all old, based on the information she remembers. It was quite interesting!

    And yeah, they really don’t make movies like they used to, do they? I can’t say I really prefer a specific decade for movies myself, but I certainly can’t refute that the stars these days are nothing like they used to be. It seems like they don’t do anything but spend money. J-Lo? Please. Spare me.

  2. Past lives? I definitely think so. I’ve had some surface in reoccuring dreams, I think it’s just one in particular… I’ve been dreaming about it at least once a year for about 7 years now. But I still can’t quite put together when it is about… I would really like to go to one of those past life therapists one day. I’ve read some books about past lives. There was one by Carol Bowman about children’s past lives that I really liked… her children had so many past life experiences, it was really interesting. One was where one child had a friend who came over to play and made the other child jealous or something because in a past life one was a father who locked his daughter (second kid) in a castle because she was in a love with someone else (the third kid!) and the father wouldn’t let her marry him… or some such thing. I think it’s fascinating.

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    hey there. i sympathize with your hatred for drunk frat boys and zipping hondas–my friends live in university house off of alafaya trail.
    okay, that’s all.

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