i’ve been doing worse and worse in school the longer i’ve been in. i’ve been going to college non-stop (spring, summer, fall) since august of 2002. this semester i’m going to have two a’s and two d’s. faaaantastic.

in other news, my boyfriend hardly comes to orlando anymore. it used to be twice a week, then once a week, and now i have to go see him in merritt island on weekends… and he doesn’t come over here really anymore. i guess it’s because gas prices are so high and he drives a pick up truck.

i’m feeling kind of down lately.. hopefully this summer i can get my band going, lose some more weight, make some money and be happy again.

i want to sell my ovaries for this guitar:

i’d rather have a pink glittery guitar than kids any day of the week.

if anyone is in orlando and needs their house cleaned, i’m yer gal.

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  1. id rather have that then kids too

    my grades have dropped this marking period as well
    it sucks
    i wernt from a 3.486 gpa to a 3.125 gpa im hoping to raise it for the last marking period since there is only one left till the end of the year

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