wow, whadda trip, actual webcamera shots.

don’t mess with the best – i am the queen of sad and mopey camera shots.

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  1. 3 thoughts:
    – Those prom pictures were so CUTE! Whoever posted on your site saying that you look like Vivien Leigh was right, and that’s not a compliment I throw around lightly.
    – I read some archived posts and you and Billie are both adorable. I’m glad your friendship is so strong after this many years and I’m glad to know and be pals with both of you 🙂 Good luck in college, girls!
    – The picture of you in a big black lady church/funeral hat made me laugh out loud, really hard. I always crack up when I see those things in department stores.

    • isn’t it crazy? billie and i have our ups and downs, but we’re still chums. 🙂 i’m very lucky.
      fo’ rizzle. it’s like “oo hats!” but then they’re just not quite chic enough.

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