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hearing: misfits – some kinda hate | mood: happy

i am through with eyebrows. it’s back to the half arch for me. and i’m much happier since i did it. i should have known better.

i put together my report of my journey to the planetarium. i lost the paper with the “requirements” of the projects… so i settled on a book made from green construction paper and pink ribbon. i printed out my pictures and wrote captions. hey, if the requirements weren’t met, maybe i’ll win my teacher over with exquisite creativity and book making. i even told her about the crazy sea captain. i present tomorrow… the only one because everyone else went today.

speaking of school. world religions class was tonight – and it was boring, yet at the same time hilarious. the guy finally got the movie to work (“hi. i’m lin osbourne, and brevard community college has given me the opportunity to..”) this time. it was a 73 minute slide show of images from egypt. the cheesy music made me lose it, and i laughed so hard i cried halfway through the show (circa 1980’s). the teacher played all the music, and used to computer to lower his voice to “sound like an egyptian god”. it was just so slow. but better than listening to him talk on and on about … whatever it is he talks on and on about.

yes, so i emailed messy with a old picture of a kid with a space gun from the 1950’s. she didn’t email me back, how rude. she superimposed a vagina on the kids face, and didn’t have the tact to thank me? she stepped on my creative toes, dammit! what a hooker.

in other news, i saw a bumper sticker that said “elect charles bronson”.

here’s a new link button. get linking!

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