Yet again.

Yes, I rewatched my favorite Disney movie, and I made a few fun screen captures from The Three Caballeros (1944). There was a serious lack of anything online. So if you haven’t seen it, you’ll see what you’re missing. If you want to hear Aurora sing, click here.


Her sister carries fruit on her head, but I’ll take cookies any day of the week. Take that, Carmen.

Her milkshake brings all the hombres to the yard.

Don’t act all surprised. You landed the awesome cartoon romance, not her.

I’m not sure there’s enough hot chicks fawning all over one guy here.

Laugh it up, fuzzball.

The hat is not helping. But the costume in the last number is adorable!

This guy plays his teeth.

Like we didn’t know it was Aurora, they had to underline it!

Hey, wanna trade faces? and voices too?

Donald surrounded by yet more h0tties.


Girls in bathing suits flying around on screen.

And lastly, the new AFLAC commercial that’s in silent movie style is the best ad I’ve seen in a year!

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