World News.

Colombian women are receiving Army combat training for the first time. GO GIRLS!!!

Also, the Ft. Hood shooter is being tried under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Well, duh. In case you don’t know, it’s a set of much stricter laws to which military members are held. I predict firing squad. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

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    • The only choices are as follows:

      one: keep a fake chelsea
      two: go shorter
      three: bite the “boring hair bullet” and just grow it out longer.

      i’m going with selection three right now. i finally have a color i like and my bettie bangs are back, so it’s easing the process.

      dye it a fun color or something if you can’t take the craptacular phase of growing out a mock chelsea. i think if it wasn’t for this manly hair state, more people would have awesome mohawks and real chelseas! but the consequences are horriffic, eh?

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