worked from 11-5 today..and stephanie spent the night last night. made about 50 bucks for all my troubles! the craft fair was today, so a lot of people came in the restaurant. mr. vaughan had a booth with watercolour paintings, but he never came in for lunch. phooey. i called matty and told him to come visit me; it was slow at the time, near closing, but he never showed up. oh well.

i called him and his parents said he was at jackie and robby’s new apartment at the goblyn’s place. so i went to the trouble to vacuum my dad’s car so i could use it, and they weren’t even there. no one was. so, feeling like a total loser, i drove back home. how typical. i mean, i love driving all over the place for nothing! i should be used to it.

since i’m lookin all fly n’ shiot, i’m meeting billie and her friend dana at barnes and nobles. ahh, barnes and nobles. what could be more settling after ruined plans?

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