I came home from a really busy day at work to find a rose & love letter on my doorstep.

Looks like I have a special date tomorrow…

11 thoughts on “Woah!

  1. wow. you show them what’s up. i can’t believe they’d say taht shit. and is it really 18 for your guys? it’s only 6 here in az. wow. that’s a huge difference, but you guys probably have a nicer theatre

  2. I hate college journalism. There was a girl who reviewed the Haunted Mansion Holiday for my school (which is the Disneyland Haunted Mansion re-done with Nightmare before X-Mas characters) and she said that it took all the love out of chirstmas and made everything too scary for kids and that it would make children kill.

    I wrote such an angry letter telling her she had obviously never seen the movie or realized some people actually have senses of humour, and that children (surprise, surprise) love the movie. Not every kid is a Christian who only watches super sappy stuff.
    The whores wouldn’t even print it.
    Good for you!

  3. words of wisdom…..

    Us vs. Them. We DO. They judge. It is an opinion. I don’t agree, and don’t care how they feel. Screw ’em, feed ’em worms.
    I promised words of wisdom here so….. most people know that I am proud of my families Vaudeville roots (even if I have to explain that it gave birth to radio shows, movies and then TV). SO, as those gypsy ancestors of mine knew and said often, “there is no such thing as bad publicity”. I think it is a little funny that a writer probably not much older than what 19? Is trashing a movie that has been running all over the world for close to thirty years! It is the second longest continously running movie WORLD WIDE! Want to know what comes in as number 1? Gone With the Wind!!!! Do you think the world will be reading shit from that writer 30 years from now? Time will tell. 🙂

  4. i’m proud of your letter. i think it was tasteful, but bitchy.
    the indie slaughtered the movie, the casts, and the culture. i don’t think they have an editor who actually reviews their articles, because it made no sense “go see it! go see it! go see it! it’s horrible and i hate it and you’ll think it’s a waste! go see it!” WHAT? maybe you’ll bring the bad writing to the editor’s attention?
    i really wish someone would shut that paper down. “excuse me, but we can’t let your poor journalism continue.. and we’re fining you for being too cliche and trendy… and fining you for every bad gigli joke you’ve made since everyone else gave them up”.

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