Why Not?

“Ain’t that a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere!”

So we had this briefing at the beginning of training about Robbins AFB & JSTARS aircraft. The speaker was quite enthusiastic about how close they were to a bunch of attractions.

“Disney world is a mere 7 hours! Atlanta is 2.5 hours!”

In a couple years, when I give a briefing to recruit navs, I’ll pull the same card for Minot AFB, ND.

“Hey, yeah! It’s close! Minot to…

Larry’s folks’ house: 1,000 miles, 17 hours!
My folks’ house: 1,587 miles, 26 hours!
New York City: 1,741 miles, 28 hours!
Orlando, FL: 2,106 miles, 34 hours!
Lake Louise, Alberta: 800 miles, 14 hours!
The Rocky Mountaineer Train Trip, Alberta: 12 hours!
Gimli, Manitoba: 7 hours!
Seattle, WA: 21 hours!
Portland, OR: 23 hours!
Denver, CO: 991 miles, 17 hours!
Minneapolis, MN: 9.5 hours!
Winnipeg, MB: 5.5 hours!
… and a mere 2 days to Anchorage, AK!!!!!!

“Yes … close is a relative term, btw. HA! Gotcha!”

In other news, I am enjoying my third day off. Taking a physical fitness test tomorrow. Just your standard pushups/situps in one minute and a 1.5 mile run. I never work out but I’ll pass.

I painted my nails and toenails yesterday. Even used that fancy cuticle pen. I’ve always played piano and kept them short, then worked at a carpenter’s shop for two years, and now I never have the time.

Friday is my aircraft assignment party. I’ve organized an Oktoberfest theme with costumes bier steins. Let’s not forget German music peppered into an upbeat playlist. Also made a video to show on loop of our class. Most everyone is dressing up, too. If you’re in the San Antonio area, come on out!

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