Who, What, When Eight Six Bravo?

Things have been seemingly a little out of my hands this past week! As a true blue type A personality, I like to have a plan and a goal. Life’s been a little cuckoo, and I’m doing my best to keep up with it!

“If only it was Friday” seems like a sound, encouraging statement, but this week my Friday was so disorganized and overwhelming! I had to mission plan for my flight on Monday, stop in the middle of it to see the flight doctor, then come back for a cobbled together, unprepared flight crew brief. After said disappointing brief, we launched into a simulator mission. The good news was that we were only defeated once… The bad news? It was by our own bomb! We went down in a fiery nuclear blasted blaze of glory with a mission complete!

My friend Erin (electronic warfare officer) and I have a motto in life, especially in flight training,

“Not looking like a jackass is my only motivation for doing anything.”

Occasionally no matter the attempt, jackassery is the only option. Maybe it’s all we have time for! Let’s hope Monday’s sortie will go more smoothly than yesterday’s planning and simulation mission. There’s always this perk: it couldn’t really get any worse!

Today I needed some paperwork notarized, so I called every bank, accountant and office in town. Who knew notaries were so scarce on a Saturday? Anyway, some ladies from H&R Block recommended a “Notary/Barber” in the um, lesser side of town. When I walked in, the notary took care of the paper work, then discussed politics with me in a very loud, speech-like manner. He has published a pamphlet called The Confederate Book of Arguments, with facts about the Civil War. It says it’s sold 15,000 copies. You never know who you are going to meet in this fascinating metropolis of Shreveport.

Unfortunately, this upcoming week will be just as spastic as this one, but I will be better prepared, having accomplished last week’s “dress rehearsal.” The Dallas trip may be reinstated for the weekend, who knows! I sure do miss my beau, Larry. … & most importantly, I have a new pink day dress arriving this week from Hey Day!. That’s something to look forward to!

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