what the heil?

today was an okay day…up until lunch. i was happy for once, minding my own business, watching the day fly by around me. matt wanted me to make a crossword puzzle for omnibus and i found a website on the internet that does it for you. i didn’t mind, even if it was for him and jill. they should both kiss my ass in appreciation. ya, no thanks.

so in french, after lunch today, dani needed some food because she’s anemic. i went to lunch and tried to find matt because i didn’t have any money. stupid halbeur was in the lunch room and would send me to the dean for skipping, even if i was on a pass. so i had to wait until she left the lunch room for me to go get the money. he was sorta, eh, not caring that i was there, i suppose because i was asking him for money. but he seemed much more interested in what jill was doing. but whatever. i bought dani’s chips and walked outside with him. he was reluctant to sit down with josh and jill and laurel…and i was like…”are you gonna sit down?” and he’s like “uhh uhh uhh”… so i was like, whatever, and left to deliver my goods.

the next time i see him, he’s written this huge-ass note about me cheating on him! i mean, seriously, what the fuck. as i wrote back “as if i could even get a guy to…” you know it! all the guys are just lined up at my door, beating it down and ringing my phone off the hook! NO GUYS LIKE ME, OKAY?! everything is such bullshit. the accusations are coming from someone who isn’t the one that should be worried.

he also said “i’ve been thinking about this for a long time…since the last time we had that big fight…did you cheat on me then? i thought that you did, but i’m not sure.” that pissed me off because he didn’t seem too pissed off saturday night. but that’s just typical of a boy. i thought everything was fine. so he was lying? i don’t care. boys and their stupid games.

on better things, tonight is the academic awards ceremony! glenn will be there, so someone not stuck up will talk to me! ima gonna wear my ..hmm…i dunno what shirt yet, but my navy skirt and stompy 20 eye boots! i wanna stand out from all the boring kids. so hooray for facial glitter and pretty makeup! well, i’m off. wish me luck!

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