what happened?

today i hung out with my friend who i hadn’t in..*thinks*…a year and 3 months? woo woo! i was scared he wouldn’t like me anymore or something, but he’s the only guy i know that was excited about watching clueless on dvd with me! maybe it was the movie, maybe it was just me.

anyways, we watched that and cher was so right about high school boys…”AS IF!” so after that, i watched him play grand theft auto on PS2; what a horrible game. i mean i guess you get used to it after watching the person steal cars, shoot at cops, and run people over about 10 million times! it was like one huge eminem song gone terribly wrong.

after that, we sat and talked about what had happened to us, and others, in the past year and some (since we really haven’t talked). it seems like people only change for the worse, minus one or two. it was great being able to talk to someone on a mature level (without being ridiculed, them being insulted, taking offense, etc.). high school is such a joke and i hate it for the most part. i mean i wish i could just take half my brain out, play the dumbass, and have fun in high school you know? eat all the lies, converse with the idiots, etc. i am looking in all the wrong places for close friendships it seems (friendships without childish backstabbing, lies) and i don’t know what to do. i really am wondering about my senior year.


well, after the nice, mature talk about life, love, and shitty friends, i visited matt. i was in such a melancholy mood he was worried i had done stuff with my friend. “AS IF!” haha, right. he said “i worry when you hang out with people like that.” uh, do you mean guys? but i didn’t say much when a girl that wanted to sleep with him always was/is around. it’s okay then, right? whatever. my friend said he was very surprised that he doesn’t make time for me on the weekends. i guess i ask for too much. he said matt doesn’t know how lucky he is. maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. i’m not sure actually. i don’t know that i care.

ack, so now this rant should be long over by now, so…”cher, what is that?” “a dress!” “says who?” “calvin klein!”

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