Well, duh.

Our relationship currently exists through Yahoo Messenger. Lame!

13 thoughts on “Well, duh.

  1. First off, Happy Birthday!
    Second, I can see why this would piss you off. It seems very base and non-artistic, meaning there really isn’t much of an excuse for it. I hope it works out somehow.

  2. Happy Birthday.

    Sea World should be fun.

    The fact that it was pregnant women porn is a little strange. Yet again, its not like it was Pregnant woman in horse orgy!

  3. Happy birfday (Igot it right this time right lol)
    We will celebrate properly at a later date maybe sat??
    Hey sry about the whole stress thing with matty. Hope your air is working now. But above all the sun’l come out tomorrow bet your bottom dollar..–^^^

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