VH Tonight.

I’m on this obsessive iTunes organizing binge. If you’ve seen my list you’d know it’s already ridiculously organized – but now add albums & track numbers in order.

This is what I see when I drive to Assville from Johnson Shitty. Okay okay, I really like Asheville, but how could you not call it that! Guess what’s right in the middle? Where I live. My sister calls Mars Hill “the taint.” Sick, dude! Whatever, some cool bands come to the area, although I’m never happy: The Smashing Pumpkins aren’t coming back to Asheville. They played 8 nights in a row or something at the Orange Peel before I moved here. Unfair.

Yeah you love my new Betsey Johnson necklace (I already know Steph C. does). It’s okay to be a little jealous. Hoo hoot! Scenester bitches still outbidding me on every dress I get near on Ebay. $70 for a moldy old wool dress? You’ve got to be shitting me; I thought they spent all their money on stupid looking haircuts and buying their boyfriends designer women’s jeans.

Van Halen reunion tour tonight!! Just look at these hot, egotistical, bitchy rock star dudes! I woke up at 7:30am because I was so excited this morning (after going to sleep at 2am!). I hope they play “Ice Cream Man” and “Unchained”. Perez Hilton thinks they’re going to get in some big fight and cancel the rest of the tour. I don’t really care about rock star politics, as long as I get mine! Haha ♥

6 thoughts on “VH Tonight.

  1. yea so my computer got a new hard drive and so all of my music was gone. so i went and re-loaded it all and organized it. genre is my biggest pet peeve. i need more music. you should burn me a cd. 😉

  2. If they cancel the tour, I’ll be PISSED.

    I just hope EVH doesn’t OD on coke. (And they always, always, always play “Unchained”. They’ve played it on every tour that I’ve been alive!)

    (Also- lemme know how Wolfie looks, heh.)

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