Very Disappointing.

I bombed my TBAS test.
I didn’t fully understand the test in the first place… additionally, it wasn’t something you could necessarily study for, I did really poorly. My PCSM score for pilot selection is 29; the average applicant’s is 79. Before this test, I actually stood a good chance. The results really, really eliminated my chances.

Basically, it’s playing this ridiculous video game via foot pedals and joystick. The last time I checked, flying planes wasn’t about video games, but serious study skills and the ability to apply the learned information during flight. It’s really a downright insulting method to determine who’s pilot material and who isn’t. Anyone can fly a Cessna, thanks… Determining one’s capability and potential through a silly joystick video game is really insulting on a professional level.

So, I am applying for Pilot first choice & Navigator second.
Overall, this is very unfair and disappointing. I am very unhappy and upset with this whole situation; I am not used to failing so miserably at something to which I’ve given this much effort. Ever.

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      what gave you that idea?

      one word: roommate. or is that two?

      he is so unclean – he makes me take out the trash, do the lawn, straighten the house, deal with spraying for bugs (because it “doesn’t bother him” to have bugs in the house), so basically i am the fucking live-in maid. i let him BORROW my ethernet internet card until he could afford his own… well let’s just say it’s been round about five months. HOW RUDE! aaaand, i had to disconnect the internet for a couple hours, and DEAR GOD that was TOO LONG to go without the fucking internet, so he dug around in my room and re-connected it. ugh!! LAZY!!!!!!!! i have been WAY too courteous, i think, and all my pals think so too.

      i will NEVER live with another man unless he’s a fag. straight men – they expect you to do EVERYTHING.



        Poor Brenna.
        Boys are dirty. I clean for my boyfriend sometimes when I’m feeling cle4any or he’s been working 60 hours a week and doesn’t feel like it. Then his brother comes home and leaves a big mess. It drives me and Ben nuts! Just crap strewn everywhere!
        My sister is the same way. At the moment, I’m staring at an exceedingly large mess in the dining room that keeps growing.
        You ARE way too nice to your roommate. He sounds like a stupid lazy boy pig. I can’t believe his nerve. Bastard.


        I’ve been taking care of straightening up my shit lately, as you so politely put it.

        The bugs have been omnipresent since before I got here, I don’t see why it didn’t bother you before I fucking got here. I seem to remember you saying something along the lines of, “Oh yeah there are roaches” after I had moved in. I will get and place traps Friday.

        You’ve gone into my room before and done stuff so don’t complain about me digging around in your room, especially when I didn’t even know whats going on, because you know, I’ve been at work for 10 hours when you include the drive to and from it and you didn’t tell me.

        How about when I come home and you have conveniently locked the portion of the door that makes it more difficult for me to get in? Is that you being bitchy or did you just happen to “forget” it usually takes me 15-20 minutes to get in after that.

    • OH YEAH

      this is the same roomie that left shrimp and food in the fridge when we lost power and let it rot because he was too lazy to clean out the fridge whilst i was out of town. it stunk like a landfill, and he didn’t mind it… he actually LIVED in that filth!!!!

      i’m all angry and stompy and angsty.. BUT with reason!!!!!! usually i am laidback, but i’m not going to let anyone walk oon me…. wait too late??? i want my own fucking place, but i’m too poor. hey, i could just sit around on my ass online all day instead of going to school and that would get me money… /sarcasm.


      • I am sorry you haven’t had to deal with the vagaries of finding a professional position and realize it takes times to actually go out there and find a position that is a) anywhere near where you live and b) needs anyone with anything approaching your qualifications. So yes, I was mostly job hunting via the Internet for a weeks but that was months ago. Where the hell are you getting that from now?

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