i made double fudge chocolate cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles, just like i wanted to. they were so good and, of course, dietetic! hah.

evan teased me for being “little miss bettie homemaker”. mmm, bettie. mmm, cupcakes.

i went with billie to a party at his house later. she wasn’t enthralled about it, and i don’t blame her. she had her reasons. her cousins were in town this week and she was trading and sorting clothes.

she is being all crazy with her hands in this picture. evan and billie were so rude to each other at his house, it was really sad. but matty showed up eventually, after we watched halloween iii. me and stephanie rented the others off of pay per view and the boys made us spaghetti and meatballs. the next day billie broke up with evan. wowies, like five or six months of craziness gone. he doesn’t know the reason even. maybe she knows he does. agh, in the middle again! but lucky billie is flying to madrid tomorrow to spend a month or so in ireland and all that.

i’m taking over my dad’s work van bit by bit. and yes, that’s a hello kitty throw pillow on the passenger seat. just try to cut me off, me all badass in my girly van.

but alas! a little stowaway was stuck to my windshield. i picked him up and he peed all over me and jumped 20 feet into the bushes. bastard.

today maggie brought a tiny lobster in a bucket to the cafe. it needed to be set free, for it had been starved for six days! she said she found it in her swimming pool. i can just imagine this poor little lobster, happily swimming around in its muck water. suddenly, it is scooped out of its home and is flying through the air. then it is dropped in a scary, toxic swimming pool, gasping for its muck water. then it is thrown in a bucket for a few days, then dumped back into its muck water. i tried to feed it lettuce, but he didn’t like it. the same with chicken. i called red lobster to see what they fed their lobsters.

“hello, red lobster.”
“hi, what do you feed your lobsters?
“uh..we don’t feed them.”
“what? they’ll starve! okay, thanks.”

so, next i called mainely lobsters in cocoa beach.

“mainely lobsters, how can i help you?”
“hello, i found a lobster. what do you feed yours?”
“we don’t feed ours.”
“what?! no one feeds their lobsters around here! don’t they get dreadfully skinny? i know i would if i was shipped in a tank and left to die without a last meal even. some people.”
“uh, well, you can try feeding it clams. they like clams.”

so i started fishing around in our clam chowder we were serving as the soup, until the cook told me to get out of her soup. i took some frozen clam bits out of the freezer and dumped it in his bucket. it ended up sticking to his claw as he raced around the tank. poor lobster. we set him free after work.

my interpretation of the lobster.

tomorrow i am leaving for north carolina. have no fear, i will be returning on the eighth of july on a greyhound bus. but right now i am sitting here doing an update instead of out and about.

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