hearing: bjork – army of me | mood: let down

i really hope you were doing what you claimed. way to make me feel empty and unwanted. but that’s okay, i don’t need anyone anyways. i always have… a whole lot of nothing. just me.

you can have your ugly, horrid girls. you can have your rude ways. you can take them, because i don’t want them anymore. it’s not like you’ll ever consider me good enough all for yourself anyways. maybe you’ll realize how lucky you were when i’m not around any longer. i think i have class, and that’s the problem. i’m an emotional masochist.

got my root canal. i know what hell will be like now! …only with no pain killers. the drilling and the drilling and the bits of tooth and nerve on the counter like dust. the tongue guard that tasted like bleach. the feeling of pin-like instruments carving an inch into your skull. please, never again. it took four shots of novacane into my cheeks and gums before i was numb. even then, i felt the burning of the sealant; the snipping of the nerves.

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