long time since i’ve written in here! i have been so busy, you don’t even know. i’ve been working like crazy during the day. i am now a cook/waitress at the cafe! and i am earning more than minimum wage. hoodie hoo. so that eats up most of the day.

i hung out at the mall with stephanie the other night. we observed that the mall is filled with junior high kids looking for other junior high kids to “go out” with. it’s quite amusing. none of the clothes fit me in the junior department, and everything in the misses department was too expensive. that’s why i need money for silly clothing. and this brings me to my point:

why would they have this lady’s picture to advertise a hurricane expo? go figure.

i want a car so badly. a classic car that i can pour money into and make it my own. it won’t happen, i dun have enough cash. but i can wish.

i was working and some lady said i looked like bettie page. i told her that was ridiculous, but flattering none the less. some people are so nice.

i am so worn out lately. i just want to lay down and have dinner served to me or watch a movie. i wanna be treated like a queen. but ya, whatevah! so sleepy.

my birthday is in two weeks! if you’re interested, take a look. and if you have money, be sure to share some. did i mention that i like you? be my friend.

the great college search begins soon. my parents want UF, i want the art institute of fort lauderdale. they want dorm living, i want apartment living. they want rich, handsome doctor, i want gritty, starving artist. *sigh*

merritt island has nothing to do. mall, barnes and noble, mall, barnes and noble. that’s the only thing to do here. nothing to get all glamourous about. no reason to get dressed up. tell me something i can do. i’m going to die of boredom, and i need a car. that will make everything better.

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