I can’t seem to get blogging lately… been too busy. But when I try to think about what it is exactly I’ve been so busy with, the only thing that comes to mind is video games and reading aviation books. Not that busy.

I’ve come to grips with the horrible fact that I will be moving back in with the parents late August, after I graduate & the month’s rent is up. I haven’t lived with them in over four years, since I was seventeen. It’s just until I can save enough money to move out to Asheville. You know that deal. I say if an opportunity arises to get out of Brevard County, you’d better fucking take that opportunity. It may never present itself again. That and, there’s no work available here that’s not stripping, waiting tables or cheap retail peddling. I’ve done two of those three; let’s not complete the trifecta of trash. When I do get to move out (again), I will probably live alone except for civil, quiet company.

Last night, I kicked Matt’s ass in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit… TWICE. He gave up & didn’t play a third. Rematch tonight, I think?

Went shopping with Billie today to look for shoes. Didn’t find any shoes, but found lots of unnecessary purchases. Hey, everyone needs a couple new tank tops for summer. Lancome makeup, too. Last Sunday, we went to Orlando to pick up some dresses from Express for bridesmaids’ garb. Luckily, we all agreed on the first dress we tried on. We were in the mall less than fifteen minutes! How easy… I am so glad we don’t have to wear those kinds of bridesmaidz dresses. It would look like we’re going to the friggin prom, instead of a totally BA wedding in a stretch Escalade. Yeah, I said it. Stretch Escalade! BALLIN’.

In other news, USMMAboy arrives in exactly two weeks. I should have him delivered directly to my doorstep. Or bed. Or vagina. Really, it’s whatever’s easiest for UPS.

… here are some photos from work:

Rich people closet cabinets. They’re going to be painted white.

Rich people curved, stained walnut bar. There’s going to be much more crap added to this one in the next week or so. I’ll probably post the finished product.

iPod keeps me sane while I am a Sandalorian.

I am wearing my boss’ magnifying glass head gear to look at the specks of sinew in Dawn’s beef stew. Really important stuff, people.

A natural heart I found in the lumber.

Found in the UCF sidewalk.

Tomorrow I am going flying with my uncle, which is pretty sweet. Here are some pictures from last summer. I believe he has a Cessna 182.

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  1. Well you gotta do what you gotta do. Le sigh it will be terrible without my geeky hot con going friend around but hey once i get on my feet( im doing the whole get a job live with parents thing ) expect visits lol im planning on heading up north at least 2 times a year. This kinda means AirForce is out; now i realized im too much of a free thinker my dad agreed lol I mean if I know a better way I will do it that way; and unfortunatley thats not what military is looking for soo sigh. But yeah miss ya already hehe \/_

    • Bah, be a freethinker nights and weekends. That’s what hobbies are for! ♥

      … & you should have heard how differently the recruiter spoke to me after he asked what my major was. Totally uncool… so I switched recruiters! I felt like a celebrity, bwahah!

    • One day we found a block of wood with a natural smiley face! You never know what you’ll come across. Probably just huuuuge spiders with knobby kneebones.

      & the dresses are da best ever! So glad the bride isn’t torturing us… we all three have different body types but it does a good job of complementing all of us, which is quite a feat 🙂

    • You had a bunny in France remember? We kids were sneaking it lettuce.. it was so tiny! But then your dad like, ate it or something. I forget… then there was that other one you had at the Catalina Isles house, but Wacky ate it. I would be really scared if I were a bunny in your house! Hahah!!! ♥

      … but I can totally see you & your boyfriend cuddling with a bunny together when you move out!

  2. why didn’t you post the crazy one where you’re all making the most insane facial expressions…! hehe jk

    in other news: my mom got the white version of that yellow bag you were lusting over at Macys

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