Two photos an update!

A month til the Johann Strauss concert… my dad might be down from NC to go with me. That would be so awesome. He really wants to, I can tell… and you can hardly ever tell if he’s excited about something cos’ he hides it so well! 🙂 Anyway, he might climb the flights of stairs to sit in ridiculously bad nosebleed seats on the highest tier of the TD Waterhouse Centre. Nice!

Me & my mandroid today!


A baby crow.

I applied at Snot Topic today. No jokes… oh yeah right, who am I kidding – tear it up. I’ll be the obligatory “bald chick with fake eyebrows” that works at every one of those stores. Oh well, money spends the same no matter where you work to get it. I also applied at Blockbuster… but I’d rather get hired at HT. That way I don’t have to wear a polo shirt that’ll make me look like a square with boobs. Guh.

Matty is playing some VamPYRE game on xBox right now… We have to split the XBox time between his VamPYRE Rain game & my Star Wars KOTOR II. It’s nerdtastic around here.

9 thoughts on “Two photos an update!

  1. Nobody works at HT for the money. I did it for some of the clothes. Until I realized they sucked and there were so many companies with quality.

    You’re going to have to put up with a lot of shit at this job, it’s a very corrupt company but I put up with it for so long.

    Good luck Brenna.

      • I’m talking about your district and regional managers.

        The regional (last I met him) was really cool.

        If your district manager is Keith (though I hope he’s been fired by now) is a real douche. I’ve complained so many times about him, everyone hated him at my store (and the Orlando store Cori worked at).

        Although I don’t think you’ll have him considering he was my district (Sarasota; west coast of FL).

        Either way, good luck, but if you’re doing it for pay, you’ll be making minimum wage unless they put you in as keyholder. Just sayin’.

  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, travis isn’t the manager. travis quit. manley quit, everyone quit. well, chris mcullem (sp?) works there.

    i think you’ll still have fun, tho. as far as “fun” can go for retail.

    just don’t expect money, either, like i already told you.

    p.s. we need to go to the beach & fry away our pale asses. <3

      • I give you 3 months, tops, before you quit from the bullshit you have to put up with there :o)

        Good luck Brenna. I mean it.

        I was the only one left out of the original crew after over a year of working at my HT.

        I hope your managers are cool, and even if they are, still, have fun folding that entire rock wall with a clipboard before closing time ;o)

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