twice as nice

so friday finally arrived, and i’m still waiting for my turn. to arrive, that is. hm, anyways, friday me and matty and his friend chris splashed around in the pool here at my apartments. we read the rules, and made fun of how ridiculous they were. no diving, no animals, nobody after 10pm, no excessive noise, NO SPLASHING and no fun! so we made excessive noise and splashed loudly. i cheated at marco polo. *sticks out tongue* after that, we went to steak n’ shake and got dinner. the jock-o-rama at our school was over, and it seems my whole school was at steak n’ shake, too. it turned out my school had beaten chris’ school in football, 55-3. this is me caring.

last night i was pretty bored, but went out with the boys again. i’m just such a guy magnet (no). we roamed around merritt island, and made a stop at barnes and noble. ther were so many cute halloweenie books in the kid’s section. i perused a marilyn monroe 40th anniversary magazine while matty studied a fangoria. hey, opposites attract.

how unflattering.

we were standing in the parking lot of b&n and we saw four cop cars whiz by with their lights on. we hopped in the car and followed them to the mall. i guess someone got in a fight? there were nine cop cars at the movie theatres, all parked with their lights on. i took a picture. matty said a cop could take your camera away if they saw you with one. i just clicked more.

eep! homecoming is less than two weeks away, and i just realized that last night! i tried on my dress and all my accessories to see what it would look like. i’m so jazzed about the idea of getting glammed up, i’m not sure what to do with myself. no pictures yet, however, because it’s going to be a surprise. that, and i don’t want any yucky copy cats at my school! especially gross ones that don’t have their own sense of self. they would ruin everything!

rachel is ultra-cool. just like the fonz.

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