Twenty Five!

So, I was tagged to fill out twenty-five facts about myself. If you all want, repost this in your own. It’s pretty enlightening… perhaps the fact that I was interesting enough to even think of twenty-five different things in the first place!

1) I can run a mile and a half in eleven minutes, thirty seconds…

2) I hate being tickled more than anything in the world.

3) When I was in flight school, I was so freaked about making any mistakes I hyperventilated in the airplane on three flights. I’m never eligible to cross over to pilot training in the Air Force. So much for that life goal.

4) My favorite dish of all time is seafood paella. I would give my soul to eat mediterranean or Moroccan food for the rest of my existence.

5) I almost joined the Marine Corps out of high school, attracted to the discipline and challenge. When I was awarded a scholarship to the university & my recruiter remained uninterested, I opted to hold off on the military until I received my degree.

6) There exists one (maybe more, but who knows really) naked photo of me on the internet somewhere. You’d never know it was me.

7) I do all things domestic. I love to cook, clean my house, sew, and don’t mind doing other people’s laundry. … I also like to fly planes, shoot guns, play video games and go camping.

8) I’ve never dated a guy that made more money than me.

9) In group settings, I hate being the center of attention. I’m always afraid someone will find me to be an insufferable bore. I’m better chatting up new people one-on-one and enjoy the art of conversation. I like asking people questions, and am a little surprised when they ask them back with expressed interest.

10) When I’m upset, I don’t yell or scream. I get extremely sarcastic and use cutting humor to cover my vulnerability.

11) In my current relationship, we have only fought two or three times. Over the same topic.

12) If I could only listen to one kind of music the rest of my days, it would be Viennese waltzes and polkas. My favorite is Wein, Weib und Gesang. Or L7.

13) I am a perfectionist, through and through. I abhor letting anyone see me mess up. I refuse to showcase a new piano piece or painting until it is perfect. The same goes for my hair, makeup and clothing. My house is a “mess” if it doesn’t look like a museum… White glove inspections.

14) Obese people kind of gross me out.

15) I’m an extremely sexual person. I went from first kiss to first shag in less than nine months. I was 15 when I first did the dirty & not surprisingly, it was a very positive experience. I am very thankful for that.

16) I love tween movies like Aquamarine, The Princess Diaries, High School Musical, Material Girls, New York Minute, 13 Going On 30, etc. They are so simple and I call them “movie junk food.”

17) Beethoven’s 9th, final movement always makes me cry.

18) I currently am the happiest I’ve been in my entire life so far. I am living a dream, and not afraid to tell anyone.

19) I don’t have a washer or dryer, so every Friday, I sneak into the navigator dorms at the base and use their laundry facilities.

20) I’m a lousy baker and I don’t enjoy baking because of that fact.

21) I get cold so easily. I never leave the house without a cardigan or coat, even in eighty degree weather. Sometimes during the day I have to take a shower or bath just to elevate my body temperature.

22) When I’m painting, the strokes are usually fifty or more layers of acrylics. I continue sweeping the brushstrokes over each layer until it hits me quite bluntly and matter-of-factly: I’m finished. Then I don’t touch it again or see any reason to.

23) There is not one celebrity I would leave my relationship to be with. I guess I’m growing up. Sorry, Angelina, I’m taken.

24) Religion-wise, I’m Lutheran. This denomination seems the most apt to teaching others to love, which should the most important goal of religion.

25) In chronological order, I’ve seriously considered being a pediatrician, prosecuting attorney, computer programmer, computer project manager, graphic designer, interior designer, pilot, navigator, astronaut.

For now I’ll settle for the 562nd Flying Training Squadron N-flight section leader.
… aka 2nd Lt babysitter extraordinaire.

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  1. This is the best “25 things” list I’ve seen…and I’ve seen so many lately! I was telling my boyfriend how awesome you are. I’ve realized the same thing about celebrities–I can’t believe I used to swoon over so many of them. Now most of them would probably bore me to death.

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