Tropical B-52

AIRCRAFT PICSPAM. — I recently unearthed photos taken by both Air Force Public Affairs and other people in the squadron that possess really nice cameras. So here are some photos of the jet I was flying last week. If you’re wondering, yes, I’m in the jet in the action photos. Additionally, the smoldering crater is when I dropped 27xM117 bombs (about 800-ish lbs. a piece). The photo only shows nine bombs, but the Farallon Islands withstood three times that after we finished. The ironic part was during ground ops, the co-pilot and electronic warfare officer got their photos taken with the bombs loaded on the jet… while I was working to get them ready to drop. Standing around while I did the work… and no picture to show for it! I call foul! But the photo of all of us together shows the crew I am assigned to fly with while I am deployed here. My partner-in-crime who sits downstairs with me is an Air Force weapons school graduate and I give him mad props for basically everything. I actually like my crew a little bit, even if they forget to pick up for a ride in the morning when we have to fly. Thanks, guys.

TALKING HEADS. — Last weekend I ordered fried Parrotfish after snorkeling and looking at them for a couple hours. Yes, I selected which fish I wanted to eat by swimming with them; Not a big deal. Anyway, the fish arrived as a whole fish, fried. You could even see its blue marbled scales. I made it sing by pinching its mouth open and shut. “Don’t worry. Be happy.” Oh, Guam.

NICKNAME. — Tomorrow is a call sign “naming party” for me and eight other people. It’s only taken over a year to decide to name us, ie, giving us a “call sign”. The odd thing is, that I don’t do anything stupid or embarrassing to warrant a name. I take my job very seriously when I’m in the jet, and being female, you have to stay as credible as possible. So, I don’t really do any stupid shit in public. Now at home, that’s a whole different matter… We’ll see what lame name I end up with. Given my last name is already phallic enough, it shouldn’t be a difficult matter to assign something to go with it. I suggested Skinny. See you in 2012!

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