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After waiting eight weeks, my new custom chair has arrived! I really haven’t moved out of it since it was delivered. It is more comfortable and beautiful than I could have imagined! The fabric is a classic Hollywood print. It has a slight sheen in a light, silvery sky blue color. It’s going to look so fabulous with my ivory colored couch, which is still being made.

And as for where to put these pieces? Larry and I have been shopping diligently and working with a realtor in Minot to purchase a home in the adorably upscale, historic district. All the homes have been beautifully restored and well cared for. The first weekend in September, we are planning a trip to see them in person. Today I submitted my application for pre-approval for the VA mortgage. Very exciting; I feel even more like a grown up, and am going to be a home owner at twenty five! I want to get all the paperwork finished so when I move up there driving the big ol’ moving truck, I can pull into my driveway with a home that has heat going and lights on. We’ll see!

Last Friday I was designated griller at a cookout at the squadron. Oh, the life and times of a second lieutenant. Not for long: I’m getting promoted next month. But somehow I have an inkling the duties will remain the same. A Major at the cookout appreciated me & Devin’s chef skills and invited us to his home for a get together. I thought that was very nice – the guy has a party porch, complete with an amazing grill and bar. I baked cookies. Everyone loves cookies!

Today I picked up a new Jeppesen navigator’s bag at base supply for flights. I sewed some velcro on the front and slapped my name tag on it. Talk about awesome DIY. Talk about pretentious carry on item for the Minot weekend trip. And lastly, I snapped a quick photo of the B-52 doing some pattern work on the way home from base today. Quite an impressive silhouette, don’t you think?

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