the show is tomorrow night! i’m scared but i know we’re gonna do just great. i hope everyone that told me they’re coming is going to actually show up. there will be quite a turn out then.

i am so pressured about college… but what else is new? i am looking at ucf.. but i don’t know. i just with i could lay back and let someone else help me decide. i wish i wasn’t so pressured for time.

the try outs for the fall musical at my school were today and are tomorrow. i got there at three thirty and waited. there were a half million kids there and it was crazy and loud. once we got started, it took forever to audition. the part i wanted to try out for was this russian bad girl called “ivana ratnick”. oh so lovely, permitting the fact that my new russian military hat came in the mail today. it even has the little flaps that tie on the top. it looks utterly ridiculous on me, and i love it. so anyways, i can do a really good “slinky” russian accent and even sing in one, too. (think ivana humpalot from austin powers). well she said for everyone trying out for ivana to get on stage. then she informed us you had to know some tap dance. i thought, oh no sweat, i can keep a beat, so why not with my feet?

big mistake. i start to climb the stage, all happy because i was trying out for a russian villian! i look over, and this short, blonde haired freshman is lacing up TAP SHOES. lacing up fucking tap shoes!!! i was like uh… so it’s just me and her trying out. i was listening to the singing part of the song, and the girl tries out.

“okay, can you dance?”
“yes. – tap tap tap tap ta ta tap tap tap ta ta tap tappita tappita tap a tap tap a tap tap … TAP TAP tap tappita tap tap tap ta ta tap tappita ta tap tap a tap-”
“how about sing?”

that’s one thing i had the upper hand on. singing. but the teacher didn’t even care to see me audition. amy was running the music, and she said “hey! there’s another audition.” But the teacher was like “okay! next parts!” i didn’t know the play was a “hey, look at me i can tap dance” play. i thought it was a musical. with singing and costumes and acting and things of that nature. i guess we who can sing and do accents really well don’t belong in this musical. oh well, i’m not trying out and i don’t care. i’m going to be in this rad ’80s musical called “hi tops” and i am going to be the mean girl who pops pills and hangs out with satan! you just watch.

oh i am so hungry and i have not a clue what to wear tomorrow to our show. the songs are down, but what will i wear? oh the horror of an ample closet and no accessories. but shoes. i have shoes.

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