Time Crunch

The past week, overall, was pretty uneventful. But I never feel like there is a dull moment in my life. I am always getting into something, going somewhere or fidgeting around with anything. I returned to work on Tuesday after the holiday weekend to be welcomed by a wing-wide drug test. Nothing says “welcome back!” like peeing in a cup. So glamourous!

Friday I went out with Frank, Erica and Kevin to a nice dinner. I wore a houndstooth pencil dress and a kelly green felt hat. The pictures didn’t turn out because I had less than one hour’s notice to get ready and meet at the restaurant after going jogging… so taking photos fell by the wayside. Apologies. The restaurants, as you know, are slim pickings in Minot, but I told the cook to half the amount of alfredo they slather on the noodles and it was an enjoyable dish that I ordered. It was a very enjoyable evening with wine and stellar conversation.

Additionally, I mailed out my cocktail party invitations Friday, and by Saturday morning some people had already received them! I basically ripped off a lousy Banana Republic poster for the title, but ‘shopped myself cozy with Don Draper, not that I’d ever find him charming. It’s difficult to keep the guest list manageable… and that I did not do. There are over fifty invites; let’s hope one or two can’t make it! I’m not so sure this tiny house can fit that many, save for spillover onto the back porch. I must find some lanterns at Target or something. Anyone have some chairs I can borrow?

Before the party, I have to finish the renovations on the powder room. As of yesterday, it looked like the photo below (yes, it’s a little under sixteen square feet). Unfortunately, the wallpaper I ordered was grossly different than the web site photo – it was not a cream color, it was stark white with teal accents. Totally wrong and borderline tacky. I’ve sent it back and replaced it with an art nouveau print, reflective paper. I’m starting to get uneasy because between the wallpaper and wood flooring on order, I only have about two weeks to receive and install it. Plus, I hardly have the tools to cut the hardwood floor. I can do it, but it will be extremely time consuming. I also have to install the sink (that’s on order) and the toilet. Both of those shouldn’t take much time, though, and are done once the flooring is installed. The only negative is that I won’t have time to put base moulding in before the party. I doubt anyone will notice. Today I’m leveling the floor and filling in the holes with concrete.

And lastly, in more important news, my cousin Kris is coming to live with me. He’s a little down on his luck in life right now, so he’ll be arriving from Boston on a bus this Tuesday. He doesn’t have any other family and I haven’t seen him in like, six years. Luckily, Larry’s office is devoid of furniture, so that’ll be a nice guest room.

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