These Foolish Things.

Today I ran 4.5 miles. I guess I’m in decent shape, after all. Tomorrow is madatory blues day! That means I get to wear a skirt, heels and a flight cap to work instead of ugly camo! I think I’m the only one in the Air Force that’s excited about Blues Monday. Merci, General Schwartz!

I have this feeling that if I do what I have to get accomplished, everything will be perfect, at least for a few weeks… Like all the years of setting my mind to something, and actually doing it, have been practice for what is to come. I have everything in the world to lose if I fail, and everything I could ever imagine to gain if I succeed…

Tomorrow is a big, big day. I’ll get up at six-thirty or so, head over for a mandatory “welcome” tour of the base (real friendly…), then I have to see the dorm manager to see if I can “officially” live off-base. If this is the case, I have to call my movers and schedule them to deliver my things (piano included) Wednesday. Friday, I leave for Colorado and Initial Flight Screening (learn to fly planes). Hopefully in all this mess, my commander will approve my leave to go commission Larry. Once again, this week will either leave me floating on clouds and seeing bluebirds… or be very, very tough to get through.

“Isn’t it so exciting to meet someone you love spending time with and really want to get to know them? I am really happy for the chance to get to know you, Brenna. There’s a lot of people out there; for you to wait for me and give me a chance is pretty amazing to me.”

Less than four weeks ’til I can see this amazing person.

4 thoughts on “These Foolish Things.

    • That’s what I’ve been thinking… it is difficult in a way. I’m getting along all right, keeping in mind the wonderful things that have already happened so far.

      … & thank you ♥

      • I like those pictures by the way, the cropping is nifty šŸ™‚

        Yeah the distance thing is cool for one main reason… you end up talking a lot, more than you might in person even, since you’re always on the phone or online instead of out doing things. It sounds odd to call that an up-side, but you get to know each other really really well that way, so that when you ARE in the same place, it’s all the more comfortable.

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