The Widowmaker

Introducing the very aptly named Martin Marauder, or B-26 (for those of you who don’t know, we share names). They called it the “Widowmaker” because of the high amount of accidents during critical phases of flight. How ironic. I suppose if they just dropped me on the Germans, I would’ve brought them a world of hurt. Today, the enemy is less teutonic and a little less refined. Just a little…

This weekend I went out with the ladies for dinner and drinks. A few hours, cocktails, and dances with a fancy feet cowboy named “Jim Bob”, I was ready to call it a night. It’s nice to get out once in a while, especially after a busy, repetitive week.

I think I’ve forgotten that I used to go outside because it pleasant. Will this 98°F and higher every day go away? In three months I’ll be moving to where it’ll be -20°F and I’ll probably wonder the same thing, in reverse. The sun and heat just makes my curls fall so quickly!

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