The Wedding

I’ve been so busy with catching up on duties from being out of town, the flood dabocle; even being out of your home presents its own unique set of stresses. I feel sad that Devin has had to host us for the past few weeks. This quiet, introspective man safeguards his privacy and generally has a personality that values routine – and I’m sure having others in his home 24/7 has caused stresses for him, as well. I guess what I’m getting at is that I hardly have time for the hobbies I enjoy. It’s a difficult transition for me, as I very much treasure independent intellectual pursuits and maintaining a unique identity. My well-being and self-worth stems from these small, daily ventures… and when I have been ignoring them for quite some time… Well let’s just say it’s been difficult and a new change for me so far in my life. It’s like feeling like you’re lacking a certain personal purpose.

Now that I have that unloaded, I can share about my wedding festivities. Mostly in photos, of course, as they do speak a thousand words. It’s only been almost two months since the ceremony. I guess good things take time!

We are looking to move back into our house in a couple weeks. On the closer horizon: two weeks duty in Alaska, a visit from my parents the end of August, a possible deployment for Larry… and if that duty is cancelled, he will deploy to the same location as me this winter. Miss a winter in Minot? Why, yes, please. It can’t work out any better than that!

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