the reverend

thee show was last night! where do i begin? overall it was fantastic – but i’ll let you figure that out for yourselves.

amy and i were looking amazingly fabulous in our garb as we set out for the house of blues in down town disney. when we arrived, we were supposed to meet elliot, nick, and mike. we weren’t able to find them, although we did find angry-mean-boring shaun and his friend ben-pete. amy told me shaun didn’t really like the reverend, and just listened to them to impress elliot.

the bathroom had about 400 cans of hairspray and a nice lady with a comb to fix anyone’s hair that needed it. i think she should have been in the men’s bathroom, as there were far more men with tall hair than women, if you know what i mean. i’ll get back to the bathroom later.

so we finally meet up with elliot and the boys. they were so intoxicated; elliot was slurring his words and hanging all over me. he was nice enough to grab me a jack n’ coke, though. amy sensed my discomfort, and invited me to go to the little girl’s room with her. on the way there, the reverend went on stage, and we had escaped from the drunken clutches of the boys. what could go wrong?

well, elliot found us and grabbed my hand and shoved his way with me and amy to the front, by the stage. it was very crowded, but we were really close! the reverend was practically spitting on us, and they played “like a rocket”, “400 bucks” and “galaxy 500”. elliot kept trying to dance with me, and we were crashing into everyone around us. plus, i was getting my toesies stepped on. i managed to push him off a little, and amy and i ran away to where we were standing before.

then, we got to enjoy the show! i got my dance on for the entire rest of the show (about an hour), and they played “the jimbo song”, “johnny bravo”, “the devil’s chasin’ me”, “bales of cocaine”, and “psychobilly freakout”, covered “folsom prison blues” (and more, of course).

illegal photo.

spectacular. no one else was dancing, but amy and i made up for it. i’m just suprised no boys wanted to dance with me. during “bales of cocaine”, this greasy biker-looking guy yelled “i love cocaine!” at me. i said “yeeeahh….” and he yelled, “no no! the song!!”. yeah he was really drunk. speaking of really drunk, amy was in the ladies’ room, and out stumbles elliot.

after the show ended, we sprinted… err, walked to the car and went to dinner. the boys gave us a call wanting to hang out at our place, but we declined. it would have been scary.

so it was a super time, overall. i was disappointed about the boys and girls there. there were hardly ANY cute girls dressed cute… it was all jeans and boring black teeshirts and lousy emo hairdos. and the boys? only one was adorable – with tall hair and the whole package. we swooned over him for a while, but he ended up being a friend of elliot’s. drat. so the boys were hideous overall, as well. even the reverend remarked the girls in orlando were beautimous, and the men were godawful. ain’t that the truth.

i just thought there would be more fashion whores like ourselves there. and hey, maybe next time.

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