the importance of being earnest

yay! today i looked very cute. i made a decision that from now on, it’s only cuteness for me! if that doesn’t sound vain, it should! ha ha, just kidding. lotsa people said i was cute, which was a big relief. operation was successful.

i took matty on a date tonight. i drove to his house and picked him up, and he wore the most adorable outfit ever! i sent him a link to some awesome pants online a week or so ago. they are black with a cadillac symbol on the arse. he bought em! (cuz if ya didn’t know, he has a cadillac hearse, foo’) they look simply divine. and he wore his black button down dress shirt and his black and white stacey adams “swing” shoes. i wanted to pounce!

anyways, we went to go see the merritt island high play “the importance of being earnest”, some british comedy. it was…confusing…but the acting wasn’t all that bad. some really hammed it up. very nice. jenny and josh were in it…and laurel too!

now i am home, and very sleepy. all this week i have been rudely awakened at 6am or so by random events. it’s like, just let me sleep one more hour like i’m supposed to! beh…well, swing lesson in t-minus 4 days and counting!

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