oh bother. it’s saturday night and here i sit. actually i couldn’t think of anything in the world i would actually want to do. my laziness is taking over, at least for tonight. i have four friends, remember.

yesterday i gave my “voice” presentation in english. the sole purpose of standing in front of your teenaged peers is to be gawked and jeered at. i did one of my “voices” of when i am reading in my room or doing something, and my mother comes in and starts pretending to have an interest in my day. like so:

“how was your day.”
“what did you learn?”
“i don’t remember.”
“do you have homework?”
“did you walk the dog?”
“look, can you come back in 10? i’m busy.”
“why do you have such a bad attitude?”

i explained that maybe i am rude, but when someone is clearly occupied, you don’t ask them questions. c’mon now…

after my presentation, a girl went up to do her “equestrian” voice, or her at a horse show. she talked about all the horses and saddles and bits and how the stables smell like leather and hay. i thought it was wonderful and very well done. it was clear that she was so nervous. i suppose the jokes made about the reigns and bits from the back of the classroom weren’t helping her confidence. “shut the fuck up!” i hissed. the jokes transferred from her to me, but i didn’t care. at least the poor girl who was already so scared wasn’t getting made fun of. this same boy that i didn’t ever particularly like since i met him was the guilty. so very rude and unkind to girls; he tried to ask me to do a dirty favor once. the world doesn’t need more mindless clones like so.

matty said i looked like gaz the other day. just thought i’d brag and share.

robby called me and asked if the frumps were ready for a show august 30. i said yeah! so please come out and see us at ground zero. cash money ninjas and such will be there; very newish bands. but he also said the green goblyn project might play also (they have a show tomorrow night, too). that would mean more people would actually come see. and we’re not opening for once.

evan called me after robby and we decided we should like to do something. i called matty and begged him to. so i drove to evan’s and hung out for an hour until he showed up with stephanie. everyone was flirting and having so much fun.

so i am sitting here staring at the bottle of goo gone that i was supposed to put on my van. staring at the lab report that i didn’t type. the cd i bought that i haven’t listened to. the laundry i haven’t put away. if i’m so bored, why don’t i do those things? i should like to wander down and work on my car at 10.30pm. it’s quiet, dark, cool, and no old people to bitch at me. the moon is very bright and almost full. i think it’s somewhat glamourous to have your period on a full moon. magical, powerful or something. maybe i’m special in a way.

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