take me back when

i had a hard time realizing today was thursday. this week has gone by so fast. i thought today was wednesday. tomorrow is friday and i have no plans. but that’s how it is every week. remember when you were in fifth and sixth grade… how you used to know what you were doing friday on monday so you could arrange the mommies to take you there. you’d talk about what you’d pack, which ace of base cd to bring, and get everything ready by thursday. now it’s like, eh, whatever. maybe some of it is that when you’re a kid, you don’t know about all the things you could be doing. so when you go out now, you are always thinking there’s something better you could be doing. or not.

have i mentioned that “father of the bride” is such a sweet movie? i hope if i get married i will have a storybook wedding like hers, with franc as my coordinator, of course.

oh, how i want “the sting” on dvd. i want to watch the part where everyone is giving “the sting” signal. how everybody’s “in” on it and everything starts piecing together. you know, when they buy the back alley place to set it all up in. the music is wonderful and i am learning the pineapple rag on the piano. i’ll finish it someday.

tonight i went with jacob to his friend’s house to work on songs. they want to put a group of some sort together, and asked me to join them. i was so happy that people want me to come over and all, so i did. they played a song that sounded like a smashing pumpkins/cranberries mix, and i gave them a couple tips on what might sound good. i had an urge to bust out with “hello dolly” or “don’t cry for me argentina” on the keyboard. i did. one of the boys looked at me funny when i started singing like louis armstrong and playing the piano. i stopped and drank a cup of milk sheepishly.

i was watching that show elimidate today and i was scared to death. not only from the women that were actually on the show (they were scary enough), but the fact that some men can be so disgusting, cruel, and total assholes. the one guy had two dates left, and the guy had them go to his apartment. when they walked in, it was totally pathetic. the guy had a full mini-bar, a creepy looking card table, and everything was just tacky. i am so scared of dating guys… i mean i know there’s nice, respectable men out there. but you have to look really hard to find them. i am just wondering if i’ll ever find one. i’m going to be an old spinster. but maybe that’s not such a bad idea.

if any boys come to my site, some advice. treat a woman like the goddess that she is. we deserve it, (unless we’re horrible, disagreeable people) and it’s classy. pull out chairs, open doors, car doors, stand up when she leaves the table. try watching the old black and white movies. they’ll teach you everything you need to know about courtship… er, dating. i cry when i think about how special and glam it used to be. oh god, i wish i was there.

i’m seriously living in the wrong time era. did you know james van der zee lived to be ninety seven years old? i want to be treated like a lady and look like one. some things i can only wish for.

a big thank you to john for the beee-youtiful fan sign.

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