swing time

last night were swing lessons…always fun! we learned two new moves, and they’re crazy! but today, me and matty practiced them at his house, along with the old ones, too. who’s awesome? we’re awesome!

i finished my medication for my tooth problem. it doesn’t hurt that much anymore..and i’m glad that i won’t need a root canal after all! goodness…!

i got my interim reports today…i got a friggin B in web design. it’s like *smack* biatch! look at my site! gimme an A!!! but she says i didn’t turn in 2 assignments…it’s kind of hard to when you’re absent for one…and you were STAPLING IT TOGETHER to turn in just yesterday, as the paper is placed into the stack. right. i got a B in algebra II, which is super, and a’s in the rest of my classes (french III, english honors, volleyball, american history honors). whee!

speaking of volleyball, we got our new teams today. i’m on team 1, and we’re the bestest! we have neal, john, mandy, me, colette, and stephanie. it’s sorta one-sided here! yea, so we won our first two games we played. somehow i knew i would be stuck on neal’s team…he always jumps in front of me and steals the ball away just as i am about to hit it. he even stepped on my foot today and almost knocked me over once, too! hideous. reminds me of an episode of daria.

yea, so i just finished eating a godly mint klondike bar and it’s like, woah. if you haven’t had one of those before, i say get one. they’re so great; they are my new god.

and lastly, matty says i have spies.

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