Summer is Here!

So, warm weather and sunshine are here for a little while… as well as the occasional terrifying nighttime thunderstorm. Since the flood washed away any chance for air conditioning, the fans are working overtime to keep air moving. With all the fabulous shade trees around our home, it’s actually pretty pleasant. Now, the water heater that was washed away makes for some challenging showers: 63.7°F to be exact! When I took the water survival course, the ocean was 54°F. Puts things in perspective.

I’m finally proud to say that I’ve started the arduous task of decorating my new office. It will be nice to have a little sanctuary all my own, especially decorated for my own style. The rest of the home is antiques and art deco style, a compromise in styling for Larry and I. I’ve ordered a couch that is also a pull out bed for guests, and my parents will be the first to try it out at the end of August. I also found a great vintage mid-century desk on Ebay (with a formica top!) and a hanging pendant from West Elm. I will also plug in my record player and store my records in the office. I currently have a Technics MK-1200, but am toying with the idea of selling it for something a little more compact. We’ll see. But, to begin any simple task like redecorating an office completely (in this house, anyway) requires days of peeling horrific, gaudy 1980s wallpaper. And not only did I get to peel one layer… but also a very stubborn layer underneath. This particular wallpaper harkened back to my childhood, and reminded me of visits to the pediatrician. Or perhaps one of those ironic Urban Outfitters printed 1980’s shirts. Either works.

This coming week I’m dropping Laser Guided Bombs one flight, then taking the rest of the week off to spend time with Larry before he deploys. Ten months is a long time to be away, but hopefully he can visit me in Guam during the wintertime when he returns to Minot, as a vacation of sorts. I’m also going to Alaska in a week to participate in an large exercise for work, with all sorts of fighter aircraft. I’ve never been to Alaska, but I hear it’s beautiful. Especially in the summer!

Here is a breakdown of my brain. I saw this as a tee shirt design online, but it had other things in each section that didn’t appeal to me (although “Obscure Science Fiction Trivia” almost won a section in mine). What does your brain look like?

Lastly, here is a photo of Larry and I in New York City. We were at a restaurant called 21 Club, which has quite a history in the city, especially as an illegal speakeasy in the 1920’s!. I had the very fresh and simple seafood pasta: mussels, shrimp, & scallops right off the pier, and without a bunch of sauce weighing it down. So fresh! I was very impressed, especially being in North Dakota where fresh seafood is scarcely available. We only had one night in New York City, and this restaurant was top notch. Oh, and the maxi dress is from Saks Fifth Avenue – FROM Fifth Avenue! It’s pretty much the epitome of maxi dresses, and my favorite buy from the city!

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  1. When Castro and I finally buy a house you know I’ll be pretty much begging for design help, right?

    Glad to hear you’re back in your home and reconstructing!

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