hearing: rancid – as one | mood: relieved

oh, i went to eat in orlando last night. it was my sister’s twenty first birthday, and she chose this italian restaurant. it’s pretty upscale and all, so i wore a black slip dress and a string of pearls. here’s me and my grandmother on our way.

my grandmother really likes matty. she said when she came to watch us swing dance, she was scared he was going to stomp my feet because he was wearing his big steel toed boots. but she said he looked light as a feather, like he was dancing on a cloud after she watched us. i think i step on his feet more than he steps on mine.

anyways, at the restaurant, we sat down and my dad had already ordered two calimari appetizers. they asked what we wanted for cocktails, so and i got a sprite and a martini. swanky! for dinner, i ended up ordering chicken with cheese on top. it was called something that i don’t remember real well, but it’s easier to say chicken. something like vitello ai quattro formaggi, if i remember my french correctly. *shrugs* i saw this crazy lady with a huge emerald on her finger. wowies, and i look goofy.

this accordion player strolled over to our table eventually, and i requested a couple sinatra tunes. he said i was too young to listen to that. my grandma piped that i listen to thirties music as well. is it really that surprising? well, it doesn’t take that long to realize the youth of today is pathetic in the culture department, never taking the time to appreciate what made music the way it is today. wait, the youth of today is just pathetic. he played a couple other songs, too. damn me and my amateur accordion skills. all i can play is ‘the sound of music’, the chicken dance, and christmas songs. *cries*

feeling flighty from the martini, i staggered to the ladies’ room. a waiter followed me and held the door open. star treatment! luckily, the bathroom was empty when i shrieked in delight over the high-tech toilet seats. they had this thin plastic lining, and when you waved your hand over a sensor, the plastic would move to give you a clean seat! amazing.

they even gave the ladies roses. after dinner, i got a chocolate flourless cake dessert. it was just too pretty to eat. i took a picture of it, instead. they also brought us specialty drinks called “lemon cello”. it was very strong and i didn’t care very much for it.

what a wonderful evening. maybe some day when i’m sixty two, i can go out and dine here. i’ll be old, but still classy, like my grandma. i’ll wear black round toe pumps, a black suit, and a string of pearls. oh, my. i hope i find something to do tonight. i don’t want to sit home after such a glamourous night last night.

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