stupid update.

one more day – it always seems worse because i have ART CLASS and for some reason i find it repulsive!
…well i guess my project wouldn’t get done if i didn’t have it.

my collage is almost done for my room! it’s like, four feet wide and three feet tall. it’s insane with a capital IN.

i’m listening to amber. don’t tell anyone.

UFBrittanyFL: hannah laughed this week.
UFBrittanyFL: if you tickle her stomach she laughs.
Poseur1039: little miss tickle me elmo!

matty laughed at me because i said maria’s was nal hutta. IT IS!!!

your moment of zen:
“anti flag- that doesn’t mean anti the american flag, does it?”

3 thoughts on “stupid update.

  1. only three days in-between, at least it’s not three weeks between visits! *ahem* See you tomorrow, m’love!

    HAHA I just laughed because I think you’re HOTT stuff for knowing what Nal Hutta was!!! That’s so awesome.

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