sour karma

hearing: white zombie – cosmic monsters inc.| mood: excited

yes! so about my valentine’s day. i wasn’t going to get any presents for my boy, but he said he had some for me. so i rushed to the mall and bought “cuts from the crypt” (misfits) since he wanted it. i shelled out 20 bucks for what was, in my opinion, songs not quite good enough to put on the albums. plus, it’s new misfits. pleh.

so we took my pt cruiser to melbourne. matt gave me some presents from his mother, candy and all. he had already given me some presents earlier in the week – i can’t stand to wait for surprises. impatient, if you will. he got me some badass accessories for my harbored burlesque attraction, made me a cd with songs that reminded him of me, and a book for us to fill out with questions. charming, really.

oh, the roads were packed, as were the restaurants. i spotted a bamboo panda, and we got a table right away there. i ordered sesame chicken, and mister ordered the special, bourbon chicken. his was cold and horrible, mine was hot and yummy. but isn’t that how i am anyways?

saturday night, i went karaoke-ing with my cousins and some of my aunts and uncles.

it was in the econo lodge in the middle of cocoa; filled with redneckers and rowdiness. my cousin amanda is so cute, she got up and sang that aretha franklin song “respect” all by herself – in front of all those people!

my other cousin, tim, and i sang “love shack” (b-52’s) and “summer lovin'” (grease) together. he also sang “baby got back” perfectly and i was so thrilled that i died.

my uncle wanted to sing a song, but couldn’t find one. i, however, found one for him as soon as i opened the book: “if i were a rich man” from fiddler on the roof. he loves that play, and couldn’t you just see him dancing around the stage like tevye? he didn’t believe me though, and sang nothing instead.

overall the bartender lady with the killer country voice was the best singer.

sunday i agreed to help matty make his hamlet english video project. he, brian, alex, josh, jay, chris and i went to the abandoned factory silos to film. they’re from the 80’s, and people have lived in them. it’s trashed; the walls are spraypainted with “you will die”, “she’s in the water”, and “your (sic) next”. there’s a very deep pit filled with water with steel stairs descending into the depths. it’s dark and creepy.

the project was quickly out the window, due to the lack of daylight and attention. the video went from a badass idea to… fog machine and “ghost” in matt’s room. ha!

last night, i watched a 48 hours special on andrew luster. he’s one of the heirs to the max factor makeup fortune. he’s a total joke, and was found guilty to 86 of 87 counts of rape and countless other sexual crimes. during his trial, he disappeared, and is missing. he’d drug a girl he just met, and videotape and narrarate everything he was doing. i felt sick – it was definitely an eyeopener for me. he’s sentenced to around 125 years in prison… i say it should be double! but he’s disgusting and if anyone else saw it, what did you think? (and he tried to plead innocent after all those video tapes of himself!) i want him to go to prison and have that saying “what goes around comes around” apply to him and all his new prison buddies.

in other news, target has launched its “retro look” for home interiors. damn, i have to get me some.

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