Some Quotes.

I made these for my new site I am working on to showcase my short films. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Some Quotes.

  1. Haha!! Did you ever read the “Brickbats & Bouquets” section of my website? I have a whole section devoted to readers’ letters concerning the “fad” of the talkies!

    • yes! i read that – it makes me so happy. i wonder what we will ‘poo-poo’ that will become a phenomenon? hmm… i also read a quote that said “the future computer will weigh no less than 1.5 tons.” ha ha!

      • I have almost every issue of Photoplay from 1929 — the readers’ letters ALONE are worth what I paid for them!! And then the ones from 1934 about the Code…..I’m in heaven.

        • YES! i can imagine they’d be pretty hilarious! i need to rob a bank to buy some.

          you’ll be excited to hear about my new film idea.. it will involve photoplay magazines! now i need to buy some first… anything reasonable on ebay?

    • meh, i was going to until i read do not apply if you are ugly.

      just because someone is different looking, if they are trying with style and the right makeup, and have a great personality… who cares if they have a funny looking nose or a butt chin.

      really now.

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