so so karma

hearing: manu chao – claudestino | feeling: sleepy

my mother gave the cat a tuna can. we heard the can rolling around outside and clanking around. i looked out and saw this:

my lovebird had sneaked out of its cage, chased the kitty off, and stole the paper and can for a house.

hrm, you know. i’m not sorry for being a teenage girl. i, god forbid, like the way i look. i am happy about what was given to me in the looks, personality, and mind/spirit department. i’m lucky to have never been suicidal. i like having my own scribble pad on the web. i like to be able to lay all my feelings/thoughts out on the table, pick them apart, and put them back together. it helps to talk to myself, to write a blank email that i will never send, or draw a picture of what i am thinking. if we were all the same, acted the same, this would be a very boring world. everyone, celebrate what makes you unique! party with pizzaz!

…and i see it as very strange to have someone tell you how or what to think. i’m not saying i consider myself better than anyone else (that is a joke, lighten up?), but if you like yourself these days, you’re called “self-absorbed”, “vain”, and “selfish”.

everyone is acting so crazy these days. i am really appreciating the internet drama.

billie is now working at the restaurant with me. we give everyone who comes in nicknames, such as “quasimodo” and “freemeleavemelady”. slingin’ salads is a lot less horrible a job if someone fun is there. “we are best friends, we have the same job, matching pt cruisers, and are both going to florida state universities.” sickening, really.

wednesday night, me, billie, nick and matty went to eat at red lobster. we had the nicest waiter, he reminded me a lot of john, and not just because he was gay. damn, that raspberry lemonade is to kill for! we were entirely too loud and giggly. “no livejournal at the table!”

after, we went to the mall for a while, and we tried on big black lady church hats. or funeral hats. we couldn’t decide which they were.

my new doc marten mary janes came today. they’re black and white and just so adorable! the fashion gods have shone upon me this day. and tomorrow i am going to see a play at the university of central florida. it’s a story of a vietnam soldier, something i’ve never heard of. it sure beats wandering aimlessly around merritt island, that’s for sure! …but they say, it’s not what you do, it’s the company.

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