So Long, Fall!

SHOP. — Christmas shopping for my family and friends has begun. Now, since I will be deployed to Guam for Christmas this year, I have to plan ahead. Just a few more weeks here before that sunny island has a new temporary resident! I had decent luck with my nieces’ gifts, and took care of my sister and brother-in-law. I still have my parents and in-laws to buy for, and will most likely call it quits after that. I already completed thirty Christmas cards to mail out right before I leave, but I need to get photos printed to enclose with them. Lots of great events happened this year… and some not so great!

FALL FEAST. — Last evening was Frank and Erica’s much-anticipated annual Fall Feast. Erica skillfully prepared a decadent five course dining experience in her home for eight of us. Each course had a delicious integration of fall season flavors, such as ginger cocktails, pumpkin cumin soup, pear salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and sweet potato medallions. The company was fantastic; cocktails & conversation continued well into the evening. Luckily, Daylight Savings Time had us “fall back” this morning, allowing an extra hour of sleep… so I didn’t feel quite so lazy getting up late today.

If it’s naughty to vamp the men
Sleep each morning till after ten
Then the answer is yes
I want to be bad!

WX. — Well it seems that the “snow storm” predictions were quite inaccurate, as the weathermen were crowing about one passing through. Sure, I saw the first snow of the season today, but it was light and barely dusted the fine feathers of my friends outside at the feeders. The temperatures are dropping, winds are blowing and skies are gloomy, but snow seems to be taking a holiday from Minot… for the time being. That is just a-okay with me!

METAR KMOT 070054Z 25016G22KT 7SM SCT020 BKN026 OVC032 00/M03 A2957

OVERSEAS. — I was able to speak with Larry over teh interwebs this weekend, and it is so great to hear his voice. As of Friday, he was 9.5 hours ahead of me. With this Daylight Savings Time switchery nonsense, it’s now 10.5 hours. Luckily, it’ll shrink to 5.5 hours apart when I leave. Ladies and Gents, never forget to cherish the time you have with those you care for most. In 2009, I was able to spend a surprising five months with my husband. In 2010, we spent one month together. In 2011, it totalled two months. They don’t call it the service because it’s a cake walk. Anyway, he’s had to move around a bit on base; they keep switching his rooms. He was in a room with four walls, but currently he’s in a tent. He’ll have faster internet, but less privacy. Such is deployed life. Here’s a photo from his pre-deployment training, but I haven’t received any of his last month in Afghanistan. He’s the man in charge in the middle.

GOALS. — With my own deployment quickly approaching, I have a check ride next Monday. Also, the commander wants everyone who is heading out to do a “Goals Sheet”, or things you want to accomplish on Guam. The three categories were “Personal”, “Educational”, and “Fitness”. Devin and I were thinking up doozies, and here are some of the suggestions:

  • Clock 90 hours on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Get a tan
  • Finish learning “The Chrysanthemum” on piano
  • Long endurance pilates action
  • Finish reading The Seven Pillars of Wisdom (T.E. Lawrence)
  • Learn how to scuba dive
  • Kayaking!
  • Eat new kinds of sushi
  • Learn how to make a serious Mai Tai

With most of these being pretty lousy and not exactly what they want us to put down, I’m out of ideas. Do you have anything to add?

TUMBLR. — I’m not sure if you are all aware, but I do have a tumblr. I used to post all my vintage inspirations on my blog back in the day, but the postings became too numerous. It tends to clutter up this blog; the intention was to keep this one very clean and standardized. I use tumbles to document clothing, people or ideas that I feel I need to document because my brain is out of room. If you are interested in what inspires me, head on over. If you like what you see, follow! If you have an inspiration blog, please share with me! & if you haven’t noticed, I’m trying a new format for my blog with paragraph summaries. We’ll see how this pans out! Tell me what you think… about anything. I like getting feedback from online friends!

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