so busy

i’ve had a crazy time trying to keep up with updating lately, so it’s been quite sporatic and out of control! no fancy pictures this post, but alas, i will be returning to orlando friday and then i can do my decent update. i’m so embarrassed.

i went to a show recently, an obscene and green goblyn show. it was great times, and there was beer for all. there was this band called ‘architects of fear’ that had a guy puke and then eat it. but the neat part was they had… well, i’ll talk about this next post with photos. you’d probably think i was psycho if i tried to explain what the deal was. but let’s say i miss my friendly caleigh, and want to hang out with josh and kathy more often. she’s the only gal that doesn’t care that our conversation started about men having to wear diapers because of their sexual orientation. we are such ladies!

and lastly, AHHH-NOLD is running for governor of california!! you all had better vote for him, because i don’t live in california. i told matthew he should be president and destroy that law about having to be U.S. born. it’s out of date and rules out everyone interesting. including tough as nails terminator arnold.

i am your next termina… president. i am a supercomputer. GET DOWN!

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