In recent news, my military physical was perfect (20/15 vision, good hearing, depth perception). Once again I have a “female examination” story to tell you, my dear friends. Female applicants had this stylish paper gown. Dr. Old Guy took a looksee below and proclaimed unnecessary, triumphant praises like “Perfect! Just great!! Looks good!!!” during said examination. Is anyone supposed to be that excited about seeing my ladybits and beyond if they haven’t MySpaced me or asked me on a date first? I mean, I know these bits could procure some excitement, but mon deur… those adjectives and the punctuations used were a tad bit over the top for a sterile medical environment not involving latex and a hood. Ha!

Whatever. I’m convinced I’ll never get a typical exam, ever. Has anyone else had this kind of record with them? Do share your story.

Guys need to stop whining about minor physicals. All the Marine Corps Army applicants were bitching their heads off because Doctor Feelgood cupped their balls. Oh yeah, let me send out the wahmbulence. Pansies.

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  1. One of my ex’s dad’s was an OBGYN. I went in for my yearly, and when he started the exam, he exclaimed suprise at how tight I am and proclaimed that his son was a ‘lucky, lucky man’.
    Needless to say, I was creeped out.

    • Ahhh yeah my mom goes to an OBGYN that’s one of her good friends from church. I was not about to go to someone who knew me… actually delivered me!

      Your story pwnz mine for sure. That is absolutely horrifying! Just look at the ceiling… The moral of the story… Lady doctors, please!

  2. okay whats i dont know if this can compare but since your wonderful life of physicals is on might as well try and detrain the wambulance for a second with my eye opening experience. Yeah so Im not a lil kid anymore went for a physical around a year ago something for athletic club events long story.. butt I had a very attractive female doctor end up doing mine. I felt so deviant and she was the one clearing her throat when i realized unknown to me someone was saying hi lol. Gah soo embarassing no words were spoken no ok your good just looks of embarrassement and her blushing or laughing couldnt really figure it out. She really should have had colder hands.

    WEll at least your lady bits have a military stamp of aproval to fly around the world ^_^

    • How heinous!! Not to mention embarassing! But I’m sure that kind of crap happens all the time to h0t nurses, right?

      … & yes, me and my naughty bits are going to be cruisin’ comfortably at 1,000 km/h.

      You need to update more so I know what’s going on in your world!

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