sittin’ at an upright

hearing: al jolson – for me and my gal | mood: dreamy

i bought the prettiest ukulele, and i’m going to paint something on it. i’m not sure what, yet.

stephanie and i got away and had a nice afternoon yesterday. i listened to everything she said, and i like to hear her talk. my mind seems to comprehend every word as she says them. it’s like, i want to listen, so i did. and we did the girly things – we went thrifting at a few different places. i got a pink and white polka dot skirt, and some chinese lady slippers. they’re red and silken. i wish i had more friends like stephanie – girlies that cared about their friends. this is a picture of stephanie and perry. perry is this really awesome kid – he always comes to school stoned, but he’s really funny about everything. i like him.

i was reading this photography book with pictures taken during the great depression of the 1930’s. it has all these interesting, yet devastating, people posed. some photographers took photos of daily town life. there was a poster of “sunny land minstrels”. it was old even then, and torn in some places. it showed the typical painted faces… it made me think about life today. minstrel shows are obsolete (as they should be), but they are still around… in different forms. movies with stereotypes of any ethnicity – that is a minstrel show. think about it.

this photo creeps me out for some reason. it looks like i crashed and stumbled right into the thirties.

i’m so glad i don’t have to tell stories about things that aren’t true to impress people.

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