silent star

hearing: vera lynn – back in your own backyard | mood: improving

sometimes i believe ignorance would be a much easier route.

i really want to take tap lessons, but thursdays are the only days in which i could. i haven’t had the chance to call ol’ lance; but i want the tap shoes with heels and bows like ginger rogers. “ginger rogers did everything fred astaire did, but backwards and in heels.”

and! the meeting about the silent film is set for next saturday. we will most likely begin filming the following weekend. kat and i are really excited. we have to make up a little dance routine for the beginning scenes. swish swish! we will have wonderful flapper costumes. i’m getting a short black bob wig and wearing a hat. i was thinking, when we are all finished, i want to upload the finished film so everyone can see it. if anyone knows how to do such a thing, please let me know! i would love you forever and ever.

although holden caulfield hates it, i love the word grand. no one uses it anymore. why is our language becoming so big, but also getting so small at the same time? i think i would like to take diction coaching lessons someday. only movie stars and singers get those. i was just commenting to matty about how plainly i speak – no accent whatsoever, like a true floridian. there’s so much i would like to try; i might just make a list and hide it away. then i’ll come back to it when i have loads of free time… er wait… “oh pierre, you shouldn’t have come!!”

i cleaned out my closet and have a huge box of donations for the salvation army. i am just… too lazy to post them on ebay. plus, less fortunate people are entitled to some express clothing, not the awful reject castoffs in most of the stores around here.

i danced around at the cafe today and this lady saw me. she left me $5 for a tip. i think she thought it was a dinner show.

…but what can you expect when your work plays 20’s jazz hits?

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