i survived my eight hour work day on saturday – no breaks. i did, however, receive a nice ‘lil paycheck. right after work, i went to outback with my dad and my sister. real food, finally. i’m afraid i’m wasting away – if there isn’t food made, i’m just too lazy to go make something to eat. i need a slave.

yesterday was band practice. i called up everyone to arrange it and such, and it looked like everyone was going to come! but to get into the storage center, you have to have a key. dave is the only one with the key, and he has a house waa-ay out on banana river drive, for yer total inconvenience. so matt picked jake and stephanie up, and we were on our way.

i had just been cleaning the house, and i was so dizzy off chemicals and my sister yelling at me to scrub the bathtub better that i felt lightheaded and had a headache. so we arrive at the storage center to practice, and i asked about the key. no one had retrieved it from dave. so we left… and matt was really pissed. sometimes dumb things like this happen. but no, i had to hear about it the whole way home. he asked me “what do we do now..” and i didn’t know what. everyone was looking at me to decide (i think). i simply said i didn’t know. i didn’t want to deal with it. i got screamed at royally for that. fucking screamed at, not once, but twice. how fucking embarrassing is that, having yer boyfriend play daddy and scream at you in front of your friends. if i needed that, i would have just stayed at home. what gives him the right to yell at me? oh yeah, he had none.

so we moved the practice to jake’s house. i set aside my hurt/angry feelings so i could help who needed to be helped. we got our first three songs down, but matt was rude to me the entire time. figures. i hope today’s practice goes better. let’s just say i don’t have much to say to him until he wants to apologize. and rightly so. i don’t need another father.

show last night! i knew it was going to be great when i saw a big white hearse drive by. but that made me think of matty. ahh, who the hell cares. it was going to be a wonderful show! i could just tell. i set to work finding something decent to wear and trying fervently to make my eyes have that “strung out crack whore” look. i think i succeeded.

the green goblyn project, the obscene (robby’s new band), the nogoods, and a kurt kobain-esque boy on acoustic guitar were going to play. i picked up stephanie and drove over to ground zero. the show was supposed to start at seven, but the doors opened up around eight thirty. this kid was talking about eyebrows, and my ears perked up and i went over to join in. his brother was like “what’s with the girls who draw on their eyebrows?” and i said “yeah i know.. i mean c’mon..” and they all looked at me like uh… it was a joke. the other kid was complaining how his were blonde and it looked like he didn’t have any at all. i told him i’d draw him on some if he wanted sometime.

so we paid our dues and wandered in to some band we’ve never seen. the music was very happy, and the guitarist had a wireless and was running around and being all crazy! (“hello, ice cream! having a good time … running around?”) he had the coolest brown old man hat, too. they were fun. next was the kurt kobain melancholy kid. his songs were so wonderful; the lyrics very sad. his voice and temperament was that of kurt. it was so beautiful. i just wanted to give him a hug (that and he was a clone of younger brad renfro). he did nirvana’s cover of “the man who sold the world” (bowie) and i sang along the whole time. too lovely. after him, the aptly named nogoods played. eh… after them was robby trendy’s new band, the obscene.

they were so cool with songs titled “stop calling, i don’t want to be your boyfriend” and such. & during the show, the boy with the light colored eyebrows plopped next to me on the couch. he started making small talk and such. stephanie was giving him the evil eye because she says he was flirting. yeah, right. he was making small talk. okay, maybe a little.

then the goblyns played.

the show was lovely as usual, and they played some newer stuff also. there were people taking pictures and videotaping like mad. i just danced and danced.

here’s a blurry picture of travisty. oh so wonderous. the pit was lively, too, but alas, the time grew nearer and nearer for us to leave. the big rickety van turned into a pumpkin at midnight. so i snagged steph and dropped her home, and made it in the door as the clock ticked 12 ‘o clock. yes, i’m that good. i want the frumps to have a show soon. we’ll be ready. there’s practice today, and we’re going to work on our cover.

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