well today was okay. i was sort of sleepy all day. and a lesbian librarian told me to put my food away in the library.

i am still [shhh!] to matty today. it’s been 2 days and i still don’t feel like talking to him or looking at him much. i don’t know what’s wrong with me. then again, what’s wrong with him? stephanie said the snake stayed away from him in art today…she DOES knows when to get the hint! one more step to assimilating into normal society for her i suppose. steph also said matt was pretty upset. what’s that supposed to mean though? is he upset because i don’t really want to talk to him, or upset because of the real problems? doubt it’s either? hell if i know.

i guess this whole ordeal is more than what “just happened.” it seems like i can never get or expect an honest answer from that boy anymore. i knew this would happen…the people he hangs around some are like that. little white lies. ugh. snakes.

mz billie made me a fansign!

newsflash: i am listening to gwar!

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