Settling In.

I wish I had something super exciting to update about, but alas. I live in Mars Hill, NC. Before too long I’ll be “fixin’ to do stuff” and going “down yonder.” I played the piano for about three hours straight today; I “reckon” I’ll be pretty good before too long. And to add insult to injury, iO Brother, Where Art Thou?/i was on TV tonight. I love that movie, but still… There is a lot of YouTube going on in this house lately.

Air fare here is only $39 each way. Everyone, come visit me! Maybe we can go camping… or go to a good ol’ fashioned hippie protest in Asheville.

Left my mark on the fridge at dee shop. Dig that SW shirt, man.

I should get a job and everything, but I don’t want to work at the grocery store or any retail, really. I’d continue to work finishing cabinets but I can expect to be treated a bit less equal than I’m used to, so that’s out as well. Need a job that pays decent that isn’t boring as hell. I don’t ask for much you know.

I miss everyone in Florida, especially my mannyman. Everyone should move from there because it’s way cooler here. That’s all!

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