Sci-Fi Expo 2014

SCIFI EXPO. So I finally did it. I convinced Larry to attend a Sci-Fi convention. It took years of baby steps and slow, insidious nerdery, but it is done. We drove out to Dallas for their Expo, but I have to say, it doesn’t hold a candle to MegaCon in Orlando, Florida. Debbie Downer alert.

The venue was way too small, and was multiple stories, forcing people to corral traffic flow into escalators. Anyway, my chief gripe was that every goddam costume was Doctor Who and I almost lost my shit. Now, granted, I haven’t attended a con since 2008, but dear lord, man… Has every con you’ve seen been overrun with Doctor Whos and related schlock? When did this happen? Where are the Star Wars costumes, the Trekkies, and the Ringers? My lamentations fall on deaf ears. There were a couple nice Judge Dredds. I am in love with the dude on the right’s comic-style frowny Dredd face. Not much swag, but I did pick up two fancy guest hand towels with, “Don’t Panic” emblazoned across the front. Classy. As always, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the dudes that ask for a photo with you. No hover hand needed, man, it’s totally okay!

In other news, my Tauriel costume is coming along pretty well. Just need to craft some extra arrows and a quiver.

MUSIC. I’ve been continuing my volunteer service at the elderly folks’ home again. There are a few nice places in the area, and when I say nice, I mean nice. I guess this is a “big city”, so there are numerous choices for assisted and retirement living. Up in Minot, there was one care center really, and that was well-looked after. These places have wood floors, paintings in gilded picture frames, and an activities schedule you have to sign up for over a month in advance. A little uppity, yes, so I just arrive on Saturdays and play for a couple hours. If anyone listens, I’ll stay. One place has a pretty legit baby grand piano that is very enjoyable to play. One little old lady wheeled over and said, “I thought you were a man. I mean, you play the piano like a man. You play jazz and improvise. Most of the time it’s men who do that.” Pwnd.

HOUSE OF CARDS. I found the character arc for Rachel in House of Cards a tad bit disappointing. Yar, ahead lie spoilers: Anyway, I was over the moon when she made her friend at the Fellowship (damn, not Frodo), but I was disappointed to see it blossom into a sexual relationship. I feel popular shows and movies have a serious lack of strong female friendships. I was so excited, like, “Oh good! They are best friends, like sisters! This is so refreshing. You never see this.” Then two seconds later… “aaaaand, they’re lesbians. Should have seen that coming.” I wish Hollywood would write something, ANYTHING about close platonic lady kinship. You just don’t see it at all. How disappointing.

& WHAT. I know I haven’t been updating much… Larry was gone for two weeks to Minot, and I didn’t feel comfortable sharing that here. Safety and all that. There’s been some troubles at work, like that expression, “When it rains, it pours.” I feel like the Morton salt girl lately. I’ve almost finished decorating my bedroom from the move, and I’ll post pictures when it’s all done! I wanted it to look like a hotel. Photos next time.

Lastly, Fable: Anniversary has been fun. I did play the original, and appreciate the Unreal makeover it has received. It just goes to show the pros and cons we have to realize as modern gamers because: 1) You can’t “open world explore” like you can in the more modern RPG titles & 2) You can’t get rid of old items you don’t need anymore, but then again, you don’t have a carry weight limit, either. I might just have to play through Fable II, but Fable III was junk. When will developers realize that if you rush a game release for whatever reason, the world is going to figure it out, and quickly? Anyway, HERO YOUR HEALTH IS LOW…

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